The winning recordplayer
for the listener

Takumi TT level 3.1 Recordplayer €2,495


The Takumi Recordplayer is driven by Passion and built with Love


Designed with Playback in mind, experience the most of your vinyl


Adjustable in more ways than one, platter arm and speed

according to a statement by Nahoko Kojima

The essence of Takumi is to gain a sublime understanding of the nuances of a particular art. To be focused and spend countless hours on one thing, and to carry on. It requires one to empty the mind and focus in a way that is simply not possible when still acquiring a skill.

Takumi Recordplayer

Takumi TT level 3.1

Delrin Platter

The Takumi TT level 3.1 comes with a precisely machined Delrin platter. Delrin is the material of choice for multiple reasons. The material properties of Delrin and Vinyl records are very similar, resulting in near perfect coupling and therefore minimizing mechanical vibrations. Furthermore, the density of Delrin is higher than that of Acrylic, increasing the mass of the platter, which increases speed stability thereby reducing wow and flutter. Finally, the elegant look of the Delrin platter is the “cherry on the cake” for the level 3.1.


The level 3.1 plinth is constructed from carefully selected solid wood enclosed by two Acrylic layers. The top layer is mechanically decoupled to reduce possible vibrations. Wood options are Beech or Walnut.

Integrated Armlift

Both controls, speed and tonearm lift, are located at the front right corner, a typical 70’s configuration. One lever is for speed selection, 33,33 or 45 RPM. The other lever is for the arm lift. The tonearm rest and the damped tonearm lift are integrated with each other. The result is a clean, minimal design, without compromising the ease of use. The height of the tonearm rest can be adjusted to match the VTA of the tonearm, allowing all lines to remain straight and even.  

*The final layout of the controls illustrated here may differ slightly from the production model.


The SpeedPod is an optional accessory for both the level 2.1 DC and the level 3.1. It combines multiple functions in one enclosure. First, it features a display to show the turntable’s speed in RPM, and provides the option to alter the speed manually via pitch control. Start/stop and speed selection are two other main functions. Finally, the SpeedPod makes it possible to calibrate the speed of the Takumi, based on the data coming from the turntable. If needed, calibration can also be performed by an authorized dealer.

Takumi TT level 3.1 Recordplayer €2,495

Takumi TT level 2.1DC


If you purchase a Takumi, you purchase perfection. You purchase the result of craftsmanship and passion, and you can breathlessly enjoy your favourite music, played on an elegant-looking machine with a divine sound.

Vinyl has made a comeback. This also means that there are more and more turntables in circulation. More models are presented on the market, but do they also give you that warm feeling that you are looking for? Both technically and optically, you only want the best of the best.

That is possible with the Takumi TT level 2.1DC, a turntable that can compete with models from higher price classes at a favourable price. So, what are you waiting for?

Takumi TT level 2.1DC Recordplayer €1,495

front recordplayer


About Rik Stoet

As a child I grew up with a grandfather known for his transformer factory. He was famous for his audio transformers and tube amplifiers. On Sundays, he would show me what he was doing and taught me about electronics. I was too young; I did not understand it all. Later, I finished my studies in Electrical Engineering and in 1993, I started my company named Rik Stoet Audio. The main products were tube amplifiers with the brand names Heart and StoetKit. Since then, many products have been created. 

The Tube Amps and CD players with tubes were mainly sold in the Netherlands, except for the Marantz “tubed-by-Heart” CD players, which were also available in the US. Three years ago, I designed a turntable called ‘Takumi’. This turntable partly uses third-party components, but the design is clever. It is simple but it has a great sound – I know how to engineer things. The hundred pieces produced sold out quickly on the Dutch market. 

I decided to continue the production, but this time it had to be an even better sounding turntable, with a great look, for a very reasonable price. This decision was the start of the Takumi adventure – it was the birth of the turntable you are looking at now. The Takumi became a passion.

The Takumi parts

A firm base

Naturally, it all starts with the base. The result? The perfect balance

The tonearm

The design is a textbook example of ‘form follows function’

Takumi arm

As the proud of owner of the Takumi, you can adjust everything personally

The drive

The sound experience for you is as if you are witnessing a live session


Thanks to a built-in spirit level, Takumi will be perfectly levelled


The Takumi Recordplayer is Timeless and Driven, which one would you choose?

making you feel good


In conclusion, we must say that Rik Stoet did a great job. He managed to design and construct a recordplayer that is complete on all fronts. Depending on the budget, the customer gets an excellent product for the price paid. The Takumi level 2.1DC exceeds its price level in musical quality, looks, and completeness.  When vinyl is your (new) passion, the Takumi TT level 2.1DC may very well be the solid centerpiece for years to come; a sound investment.